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Gain the Confidence to Take Center Stage!

At Discover Your Voice Camp, we use fairytale characters and themes to teach children about how the voice works, how their bodies produce sound, and how they can use that knowledge to discover and grow their voices to their full potential.

Our “Happily Ever After” track is for students 7-11 years old. 

Disguised as pure fairy tale fun and a mixed with a little bit of magic, kids learn foundational vocal technique, lay the foundation to perform with presence and authenticity.

Take Your Audition to the Next Level!

Discover Your Audition is a small group multi-day program where students of any age will get prepared and get feedback for their next audition! The workshop will be offered at various times throughout the summer.

Our Discover Your Audition camp is for students 7-17 years old. 

Do you want to audition but you’re not sure where to start or how to prepare? Let us help.

Client Testimonials


“Julie's warm-ups make all the difference in the world to get me past a few areas where my voice breaks.

Listening to me sing and the pointers she has given me are right on. Julie has a magnetic personality, funny too. Her evaluation of my singing is comprehensive. Thank you!"

Trudy H.
"Julie is a fantastic voice coach. Her enthusiasm is downright contagious and made exploring what my voice could do fun and not intimidating. Julie’s knowledge of all things vocal and her willingness and excitement to share her expertise with others make her an excellent teacher. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking to gain confidence and skill!"
Lauren W.
“I worked with Mrs. Stone for a little over five years and, during our voice classes, I was able to extend my range and become more fluid in my transitions. She is an excellent voice teacher and has great tips each day for improving your voice. One of my favorite things about her is that she is always learning knew tricks and learns along side you."
Marissa R.
"Julie Stone is an wonderful piano teacher who really cares about her students, and my kids just love her. In their own words she is friendly, encouraging, patient, nice, and a good teacher. As a parent, I appreciate how she is able to build their confidence while challenging them to grow and reach new levels of musicianship. But that growth isn’t limited to her students; I have watched as she continually challenges herself to grow ever more effective as a teacher, and her students reap the benefits of that pursuit."
Jamie S.
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