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Give them the confidence to take center stage!

  • Does your child love to sing?
  • Does your daughter sing all the time?
  • Does your son have a flair for the dramatic?
  • Do they secretly wish (or maybe not so secretly) that they could be center stage?
  • Do you wonder if there’s a place for him to get started?
    What is the best place to teach her, support her, and give her valuable experience onstage?

Learn the basics of singing through fairytales and fun through Bella Voce Studio’s Discover Your Voice Camp!

At Discover Your Voice Camp, we use fairytale characters and themes to teach children about how the voice works, how their bodies produce sound, and how they can use that knowledge to discover and grow their voices to their full potential.

At the core of our teaching, we celebrate the uniqueness of each person’s voice and the beauty it lends to the spectrum of sound.

Your child will perform on stage for those you love!

The Happily Ever After Concert is the culminating event of Discover Your Voice Camp. Parents are given a peek into the themes we study all week, and each camper is featured according to their strengths, comfort-level, ability, and experience in order to give them the opportunity to SHINE. This opportunity is all about creating a positive performance experience for the young singer- one that makes them say,

“That was so fun! I LOVED it! I want to do that again!”


Play your way to learning about singing and performing!

Crafts, dance, games, sing-a-longs, and more provide the “how-to” of learning about the voice. No stuffy lectures or boring lists of facts!

Students are highly engaged in learning. At the end of camp, your child will probably be able to teach you a thing or two!

Day 1: Your Body is Your Instrument

Students learn the basic parts of the vocal instrument and how they work together to produce the sounds we make.

Day 2: Framework

Building a framework for the voice including establishing balanced posture, warm-ups, and body language.

Day 3: Sound

Students will learn about range, registers, tone of voice, and enunciation.

Day 4: Impulse of Singing

Students will learn about their thoughts and awareness, nerves, stage fright, and how to prepare for a performance.

Day 5: Review and Rehearse

Students perform for one another, if they desire. Students assess one another with the “Truth-o-meter”, and rehearse for the Happily Ever After Concert!

Day 6: Happily Ever After Concert

Students have the option to dress up as a character for the performance or may just “dress up”. Students perform songs and teach the audience about what they learned during the week.

“She really enjoyed your voice camp and discovered she can sing high! She also liked learning about the acronym INSPIRE and what it stood for. She said it all helped with her confidence. YOU really helped her.” ~Jill M.
“She had a good time and I can hear a difference in the strength of her voice! Using the color wheels to describe the different tones in the voice was helpful. You do such a good job at making learning fun for the girls!” ~ Melanie S.

Conveniently Located in Mountville, Pa.

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